fun Christmas arts and crafts projects

Create a Cozy Glow

This project has a Holiday theme, but keep in mind that the same process can be used with any other stencils for a year round look. A Fleur de lis (or a variety of them) would work beautifully.

The stencils we are using come from our Free Christmas Stencils Page so after you finish reading this, head over there and print them!

You can read through the instructions but don’t miss the video below. It’s great to see it in action!

I found this tall, straight glass vase at a local thrift store (one of my favorite craft supply outlets). I started by cutting out nine patterns of the ornament stencil from contact paper. To make this go a little faster and limit the work I cut out three squares large enough for the stencil pattern, stacked them on a cutting board (back side up - glossy side down) and taped all sides with masking tape. Then I traced the Christmas Ornament stencil onto the back of the contact paper and with a craft knife cut along the lines (that way I am cutting three at a time). I removed the backing of the contact paper ornament cut-outs and smoothed them out on the glass vase. Then I spray painted the entire outside surface of the vase with gold. After the paint thoroughly dry I removed the ornament contact paper stencils.

Masking a Stencil

When you use a stencil pattern in the negative like this it’s called a mask. Experimenting with this alternative opens a lot of windows for creating.

(Pssst! If you are looking to get your crafts on now, go to Printable Christmas Stencils)!

Next I used the Candy Cane from our Free Stencils to Print Collection and while firmly holding onto the surface of the vase I used acrylic paints to dab on a little red. I didn’t want to use a sticky back stencil because I was worried about it picking up the gold paint from the surface. Don’t worry about overlapping the candy canes with the ornaments. This will create a nice effect.

(Hey! Since you are just about to finish this Fun Christmas Arts and Crafts Project, I thought I would suggest another one. You can take pine cones from the yard and cover them with melted wax from old half burned candles taking up space in the cupboard. Read all about Making Christmas Wax Pine Cones plus discover some of the inventive ways they can be put to use.)

Follow Along in the Video

Well, I always find that seeing the procedure is very helpful. I created a video for the Christmas Arts and Crafts Candle Holder so that you can follow along with the action. Enjoy!

Keeping it Safe!

Another idea that I wanted to share with you for this project is from a very creative friend of mine. If you have some concerns about having lit candles around the house (maybe you have small children), just fill the vase up with a short string of white Christmas Lights (like in this photo). It sure does show off those ornament designs, doesn’t it?

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I hoped you enjoyed this Christmas Arts and Crafts project and the video. Now you’re off to the start of a new hobby.

And since you are looking for Christmas Craft Activities, you have come to the right place.

Merry Christmas and Happy Stenciling,