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Stenciling Through the Holidays

Stenciling is great for Seasonal Crafting and it's never too early to get started. Nothing like creating to get you in the spirit, right? Well, to help you along the way, I've added a new button (over there on the left) called "The Holidays." It's got many ideas on projects for you to try, so check it out!

Ready for the holidays? Yep. Santa's on his way and it's time to start your Christmas Crafts!

So, if you're ready, jump right in! Below I've added the links to help you get to the Christmas Stenciling Projects and Free Christmas Stencils that will help you make your decorations and gifts ideas come to life!

And don't miss out on all the other projects we have here that just might be the thing that's under the tree to make someone smile. Check out Fashion Crafts above!

Christmas is in the Air

But wait! Did you make it here in time for Thanksgiving? I hope so because you don't want to miss these Thanksgiving Crafts.

See how to create this elegant candle holder for your next Christmas Arts and Crafts Project!

(Just click here or on the image above! Enjoy!)

Who doesn't love Christmas? I'm so excited! Aren't you? OK! Well, no matter if you are reading this in December or July (or January), it's fun to "make things" and the Holidays provide us with many reasons to create and design. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays and Merry Crafting,


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