combining stencil designs for art prints

Custom Artwork By You!

It’s easy to combine two or more stencils to create a more complex stencil art piece. Looking for themed collections will help you come up with plenty of ideas.

It’s easy to combine two or more stencil designs to create a more complex stencil art piece. Looking for themed collections will help you come up with plenty of ideas for groupings in your next masterpiece.

Stencils for walls are not limited to painting on the wall but can be used to create frame-able prints like these. This way, when you are ready for a change just change the print and you won't have to re-paint the entire wall.

You Design the Art to Fit Your Decor

The prints here were created using a variety of techniques which I’ll tell you all about. First, though, each one features several stencil designs – one image (cranes and bamboo) and four symbols. A larger image was used as a focal point and the smaller symbols are lined up along the edge.

They appear to be painted on grass paper that has a weave texture. Believe me, it’s just plain, smooth vellum (thick and smooth with no texture). Here’s how it was done. The entire surface of the paper was painted a very light off white or cream color. When the paint was thoroughly dry, a thick coat of tan (a darker color than the first color) was applied to the entire surface. Working quickly before the paint dried, a flat comb was run in horizontal and then vertical lines. You can buy a tool at most craft supply stores to create this effect but a flat comb works too.

As for the tree and grass surrounding the cranes, this is just a simple technique using a fan brush and several colors of paint.

For the tree trunk, pour several colors of browns and tans (and maybe a little black) on your palette. Run the fan brush bristles through the colors capturing some of each color. Hold the brush about one third from the top of the page and pull the brush down along the paper, holding so that the bristles are following each other and not each making a line of its own. It’s even better if you rock the brush slightly from side to side, allowing the bristles to cross each others line. This technique will let the brush create the texture of the tree trunk by allowing each bristle to leave traces of the colors they picked up off of the palette.

For the grass and tree branches, pour several greens onto your palette. Run the fan brush through the greens making sure to get some of each color. With the fan open, brush up in a wispy, light motion. For the tree branches, at the end of the motion, pull the brush to the left or right but keep the bristles open (horizontal). This will close off the branch of leaves. For the grass, just use the brushing motion (up or down).

Stencil Art On The Floor

By the way, the tree and branches were done after the crane stencils were completed.

Here's a rug that was painted with a large variety of garden and flower stencils. It actually started out as an old canvas stained rug which I bleached and cleaned then painted with stencils. As you can see the top half was splattered with a light blue and then I swirled on a few clouds with white paint and the bottom half was painted with a sandy tan color. The middle area was spotted with several greens and when it all dried I started to put stencil designs all over. This collection of stencil designs are in a book called the Secret Garden (that you can find if you scroll down) but the same rules apply with any stencil patterns.

What about pairing Stencil Word Sayings with an image? That's a great way to add inspiration to your art.

You can create a theme to your art by pairing stencil patterns. Learn more about this at Capturing Themes in Stencil Art Prints!

Don’t confine yourself to themes. Be bold and search around for designs that might help you create some eclectic art. You know, rarely are our spaces well defined as falling into one exact style. After all, House and Gardens isn’t coming to film next month. So, be creative and pull several styles together.

You can find lot's of Free Stencils out there to use for your Stencil Art.

Art is about being free to create. Now! Go! Create and enjoy decorating with stencils!

Join in next week while we talk a little about Using Color in Stencil Art.

Happy Stenciling,


Oriental Designs: A Book of Stencils

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The Secret Garden: Book of Stencils

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