cross stencil

I hope you find these four cross stencil designs help you will your religious arts and crafts projects.

Right click on any of these free stencils and select print or save if you’re on a PC or drag it into a document if you’re on a MAC.

So that you can use your printed cross stencil patterns again and again, cover them with a protective coat like clear shelf liner before you cut out the openings. I like to do just the top side because a slick cover on the back will encourage paint to seep under and smear your painting.

You can wipe your stencil down after each use with a damp cloth.

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There are so many ways to use religious stencils like these. One great way to put these stencil designs to good use if for gift giving. Paint these on a clear vase and slip a colored candle inside for a beautiful votive. Or paint one on a plain tote bag for a personalized touch. By cutting out one of these designs from fabric and sewing onto a very large piece of fabric of another color or design you can create a great quilt that could be cherished for generations.

Celtic Cross

In Germany and the Netherlands, this cross is called the Celtic Cross and in other countries it is known as the Gaelic Cross. The design is popular in Ukraine and adorns the tops of cupolas, where the circle sometimes has rays emanating out, much like a Sun symbol.

Crosses are also quite popular in Pop Culture Art. This opens up more stenciling ideas which include painting these cross stencils onto a pair of jeans or t-shirt or jean jacket.

The image of the cross and other religious images can cross all age boundaries of popularity by displaying them in different colors and keeping in mind the fashion sense of the person that is using them. But, of course, always with the respect required.

St. Nicholas’s Cross

...(also known as St. Olga’s Cross) St. Nicholas is one of the most popular saints, especially for Eastern Catholics and the Orthodox. Due to his charity and concern for the welfare of children, the Archbishop Nicholas (280-342 A.D.) of the Mediterranean port of Myra (Turkey) became Saint Nicholas and is the Patron Saint of children and travelers.

I often find that working with stencil designs like these cross stencils gives me an opportunity to learn about history and the people that stood out for their beliefs and actions.

This cross of St. Nicholas would be beautiful quilted or painted on the front of a Bible Cover for a Child's First Communion since he is the Patron Saint of children.

An Ornate Hand Sketched Cross Stencil

Working with paper stencils like these cross stencil designs have a few advantages like being able to make the same stencil different sizes. You can also take the page to a copier machine to reduce or enlarge to fit your project size. Or you can copy them to a MS Word or Mac Pages Document and by pulling on the corner marks you can stretch the image to any size.

I hand sketched this ornamental cross stencil while I was designing some cards. It’s so easy to make lovely cards with this stencil (or any stencil that suits you). Trace it onto a sheet of fine paper (I like to use a cream colored thick stock), and cut out the openings (islands). Fold the paper in two and glue a different color paper to the inside just along the back side of the fold. When you close the card, the openings will reveal the colored paper.

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Happy Stenciling!