decorating spider pumpkins

Something is Crawling on that Pumpkin!

Cause a scene this Halloween! I mean with pumpkins and spiders of course!

Gather Up Some Pumpkins

This is scary easy and cheap to put together. It’s just a collection of plastic (or real) pumpkins, some cheesecloth and a few fake spiders bought at a dollar store (two on a card for a dollar!).

OK! You need some pumpkins. They can be the cheap ones you find at the dollar store, real nice ones you can buy at the craft stores or even real pumpkins. You can choose orange, white, green or even purple (if you can find those let me know where, OK?). In fact, they don’t even have to be pumpkins! As you’ll see, I use some pretty cool gourds, too!

Collect a Few Spiders

Next, you’ll need to gather up some spiders. Not real ones! They bite!

I got the ones pictured here at the Everything for a Dollar Store. These guys were two on a card so they came out to 50 cents each (Can’t beat that right?). I’m sure you can find spiders at the craft store too but certainly on-line if you missed the Halloween decorations at the Dollar Store.

By the way, size doesn’t matter when it comes to spiders (fake spiders – no, really, stay away from the big ones that crawl). For that matter size is irrelevant for the pumpkins too. For a small space like this little telephone table a couple of small pumpkins and one large spider set the scene. But large pumpkins with small spiders crawling around is just as effective.

DIY Spider Web

I have used a couple of different items for webbing: cheesecloth and fiber fill.

Let’s start with the cheesecloth because that provides us with so many ways to make webbing.

First, you can spread open a piece of cheesecloth over the pumpkin as a fine web by cutting a section off straight out of the wrapper. You can also cut the cheesecloth into strips and as you pull it through a closed fist, the edges ravel and it becomes a stringy frayed spider web good for hanging.

Second, I like to dye the cheesecloth because true spider webs are not clean white, right? Sometimes I dye them for a minute or so with a gray or black dye. Experiment to get the right colors you want and if you get several different colors or shades of gray then that’s perfect too!

One more hint about coloring the cheesecloth sometimes I soak it in water with a couple of tea bags. This is a great way to age the cloth.

The other item I use for webbing is fiber fill. This is the stuff that they use in pillows. You can buy it at a craft or fabric store. But if that’s not the kind of place you frequent, you can always buy an inexpensive pillow made with fiber fill from the Dollar Store. Can you tell I like the Dollar Stores?

Setting a Spooky Creepy Scene

Here comes the fun! Arranging your Spider Pumpkins! Here is where you become the designer! But it’s easy enough. In the space you have chosen, arrange the pumpkins or gourds as you want them. They don’t have to be neat because after all it’s a natural scene you are creating, right? The pumpkins can be stacked or leaning on one another. Anything goes!

As you can see from the photos here, I made one arrangement on a small side table, one on a thin credenza along a wall and spread out on a front porch. Just fill in your space with pumpkins, spiders and cheesecloth and fiber fill.

Oh! By the way, one little hint I wanted to mention was that I use the cheesecloth stringers to hang spiders. You can wrap them around the legs to make it look like the spider is crawling up the sides of the pumpkin. Of course, most of the time they just snag onto the fibers of the cloth and stay!

I hope you like the idea of Decorating Spider Pumpkins and will join us for more great ideas! Like Decorating Spider Nest Pumpkins!

Happy Haunting! See ya soon!