decorating with stencils

Endless Opportunities to Update Your Decor

If you think that stencils are just for making garage sale signs or painting an address you've got a lot to discover!

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Unless you are talented enough to wisp a brush through paint and come up with a masterpiece, decorating with stencils is a great way for you to experience the satisfaction of being an artist of decorative painting.

And of course, art is all about decorating our lives. We want color and pictures everywhere we look. Otherwise our eyes would have nothing to gaze upon and our spirits would be bored.

You’ve come to the right place for great stenciling ideas and how to information. If you think that stencils are just for walls, you’ll be surprised.

You can liven up any room by decorating a piece of furniture to match the theme of the space or create one of its own.

I bet you have a worn out old dresser or out of style cabinet sitting around your house or collecting dust in the attic. Can you imagine it as the new focal point in your living room? Alright, so it might take a little imagination but put your mind to it and I bet you’ll be dragging it out to the garage and slathering paint on it before you know what’s gotten into you.

Using stencils while furniture painting is a great way to decorate! Custom hand painted furniture adds an exclusive feel to any room whether it’s a formal living area or a child’s room. Stencils can be applied to parts of the furniture as an accent or spread over the whole piece to create an entire scene.

And what a cheap way to add flare to your home!

Custom Design Your Wardrobe

We all like to be unique. And since we were all created to be different, we should all have our own style. As Clairee so eloquently put it in Steel Magnolias, “The ability to accessorize is what separates us from the animals.”

(To see how this dragon was stenciled onto an old favorite pair of jeans, breathing new fire into them, just click the image above for Dragon Stenciled Jeans!)

Well, anytime you pick something off the rack at a store notice that it is also available in four different colors and 10 different sizes. In other words about 500 other people can be wearing the same thing. What a dilemma!

Oh wait! I have a great idea. Use a stencil to personalize your clothes (well not all of them). You can paint one large image on the front and center of a t-shirt or maybe just a small design on a pocket. Can you think of a better way to make team or sport shirts? If it’s for a kids group, getting them involved can be great fun not to mention a good team spirit building experience.

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Stencils to Create Art

Stencils can help you create some great art for faming too! I bet you didn’t even think about that. You can customize the art in a room to really suit the décor. Choose the theme, color, size and combine stencils to make a scene!

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What about the walls? Using stencils to add pizzazz to walls opens up so many opportunities. You can create borders up at the ceiling level or near the chair railing. Combine several designs to create a mural. Or just add one small image to add a little fun and mischief to a room (like a fairy hovering around a light switch).

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Do words inspire you? Find out how to create you own personalized art prints by pairing Stencil Word Sayings and images.

As you can see, decorating with stencils is a great way to enhance the beauty in our homes, our closets and ourselves! I hope you enjoy the ideas and information on this page. Come back often because I will elaborate on some of the ideas above and adding many other great ways to use stencils.

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Happy Stenciling!