free christmas tree stencils

Hey, It’s that time of year again so I want to give you a few great Free Christmas Tree Stencils for all of your Holiday Crafts. Merry Christmas and Happy Crafting!

One tree is traditional, and one tree is retro. Then two are inspired by lovable characters (or not so lovable) and the last one is just a quirk! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Here's a quick tip for working with Printable Christmas Stencils - before you cut out the openings (islands) cover the paper with clear shelf liner or even strips of packing tape for a protective coating. That way you can use your stencil again and again. I like to do just the top because a slick bottom will encourage paint to seep under and smear your painting.

A Tree for Every Flavor

Instead of thinking green for a tree why not use colors like cyan, magenta or yellow? If those are colors that fit your “flavor” then print this Retro Tree. It’s perfect for the funky out of the ordinary art.

These are free stencils to print. You can copy them to a word processing document and resize them to fit your project size. They are very flexible. (Pssst! Don't miss the other Free Christmas Stencils!)

Remembering Charlie and His Tree

Remember when Charlie felt sympathy for the tiny tree that was really just a branch? It couldn’t even hold up one ornament. And everyone laughed about it. But then they all came together and made the tree beautiful with love and understanding. Beautiful!

Well, this little tree is a little like that…bent with the weight of one star but still beautiful!

I know you already have some great plans for these Free Christmas Tree Stencils but don't miss this Homemade Christmas Crafts Article about painting stencils just like these on colorful cloth napkins to set a festive Holiday table!

Then He Stuffed the Tree Up the Chimney

This tree reminds me of the quirky, never symmetrical and nowhere near reality imagination of Dr. Suess! I think even the Grinch would approve!

Stencils can be used in many other ways than just with paint. For example, you can cut the pattern pieces out of different colors of felt and glue them on a tree skirt or a stocking for decorations.

If you are a quilter, you can cut these patterns out in fabric and sew onto a new throw blanket for the couch.

A Time for Retro Tree

Christmas is only complete with traditions…some are common to each family, some are common for different countries and some are common worldwide. The Christmas Tree seems to be one of those traditions that is universally recognized.

Retro is a time frame, a period of style that appeals to those of us who were growing up in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. If that’s you then I hope you find this tree has a place in your heart!

Enjoy your Free Christmas Tree Stencils. And don't miss all the other wonderful Christmas Crafts and Ideas! Well, Merry Christmas and Happy Stenciling,