free pumpkin stencils

Pilgrim's Pumpkin

This is a great place to start your Halloween Crafts whether you're Pumpkin Carving or creating decorations!

You just found the fun free pumpkin stencils! Right-click on the image and select print. I hope these Printable Halloween Stencils help you have a scary good time.

Don’t forget to cover your paper stencil with a sheet of clear shelf liner before cutting the openings (islands) so that you can use your free stencils again and again. The clear shelf liner will protect the paper from absorbing the wet paint and falling apart. Remember that you only want to do the front of the stencil and not the back. Covering the back of the stencil with clear shelf liner will create a slick backing that will promote paint to run under the stencil and smear your image.

Ready to carve your pumpkin? Then don't miss these Jack-O-Lantern Stencils. Are you looking for scary or not so scary? No problem…you’ll find something there to guide your hand in making a pumpkin masterpiece.

Your paper stencils can be adjusted by enlarging or reducing the size on a copy machine. Or even better you may be able to adjust the size when you print them. If you don’t have the option with your printer software or app then you can insert the image into a Word Document and resize it there by using the little square “grips” in the four corners of the image or the four sides. Just click on one of the grips and pull. It’s that easy!

Straight From the Pumpkin Patch

You probably made your way here because you already have some ideas in mind but if not (or you just can't get enough), watch this great video for crafting with Pumpkin Stencils. It’s a short video but you will find out that pumpkin stencils are useful way beyond carving a Jack-O-Lantern!

Can you print on transparency film? If so, then your stencil making is easy. Just make sure that your printer will accommodate the thickness of the film. And don’t forget the heat that printers generate. Read your printers manual before trying this but if you have the capability, then you can just cut out the design and have a ready forever stencil!

Carved Jack-O-Lantern Stencil

Are you a feline fanatic? Then don't miss these Cat Stencils for Pumpkin Carving. Black Cats are a symbol of Halloween just like pumpkins and ghosts and zombies…! You got it!

You can’t beat these free pumpkin stencils! I hope they have inspired you to get started right away making art with stencils.

Check out all the other Halloween Crafts and Ideas we have here. You will find out that these free pumpkin stencils can be used in many ways! Paint them on napkins for your Halloween Table settings or on a plain paper bag for your little trick-or-treaters! The possibilities are endless!

Happy Halloween and Happy Stenciling,