free stencils

Here are a few free stencils because I know you are just chomping at the bit to get painting or crafting right now. Well go!

I think that being able to download a stencil and start a decorative painting project right away is fantastic! But that’s just me. Now I need to let you know how easy and how much fun it can be with these free stencils.

On this page I am going to put free stencils that you can download. Free and without any further obligation. And I really mean that! Try them out and check back often because I will change them up from time to time.

Of course, there’s a catch. I am hoping that you’ll like the download and go method of getting stencils so much that you’ll take a longer look at some of the other designs I offer up to you. You see, that way I can continue to provide some great stenciling ideas and designs and you get all the benefits. Everybody wins!

Free Butterfly Stencil

It's so easy! Just right click on the image and select print if you are on a PC or drag it into a document if you are on a Mac. Then use a craft knife to cut out the openings.

This butterfly stencil is one of my favorites. This is wonderful for children’s crafts.

One time I outlined a few of these on plain white t-shirts and had them ready for the kids to color in with Sharpie Style Pens at a tail gate party. They had a blast and some of the adults got into it too!

By the way, you can use these free printable stencil over and over again by just covering them with a sheet of clear shelf liner before you cut out the openings.

Click here for more Jack-O-Lantern Stencils!

Here’s one to carve your pumpkin. But this free printable stencil is useful for so much more. You could paint his image in black on an orange canvas bag for a great Trick-or-Treat Tote.

He would also look good painted on a clear glass jar with a lit candle inside.

Need a costume quick? Paint him on a t-shirt, over a pair of jeans and you're ready to Trick-or-Treat.

If it's a religious stencil that you are seeking, then hopefully you'll find one of these Cross Stencils just what you need.

Click here or on the image above for more Free Christmas Tree Stencils!

You can’t have a few free stencils without one being about Christmas! So, here's a Christmas Tree Stencil.

Paint this one on plain paper bags and cover with glitter to sparkle the presents under your tree.

Once I cut the pieces of this stencil out in colored felt and glued it onto a large circle of felt for a Christmas Tree Skirt. If you think about that you'll come up with a least a hundred other ideas for these free stencils.

Why not paint them on plain red or green or gold cloth napkins to add a special detail to your Holiday Table.

This simple little stencil is also great for making cards. Cut the openings out of one color paper and put that on top of a different color paper. Make a hole with a hole punch and attach both pieces of paper with a ribbon.

Shaggy Puppy Stencil

Oh! I can’t help myself...One more and it’s a cutie. Great for the Dog Lover!

Well, I hope you enjoy your free stencils and come back soon.

Happy Stenciling,