how to stencil

A Simple Technique to Make You an Artist

Stenciling is easy and fun but you might want to know a few things before you start pushing paint into the opening of a stencil.

Are you a beginner with stencils and need to know all the basics? Or, are you a stencil master and just looking for some new ideas? Well, this is the place to find just what you are looking for. Read on and follow the links to the information you want.

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If you are new to stenciling and want to start at the very beginning, then click this link to visit What is Stenciling. This is the place to get familiar with stencils and how they are used.

Once you know all about stencils, you’ll want to know all the steps to completing a successful project. But, first thing’s first. You’ll need to know what stuff to have on hand. Don’t worry. I’ve put together a checklist and an in depth discussion on the tools you’ll need for stencil supplies.

Of course, you need to have a plan. I know, I know… this is the boring part but it’s essential to the success of your project. And you want to end up with a masterpiece, don’t you? I put together an article with all the details about planning and preparation for stencil painting.

Below are a few links to help you create art with Stencils! Enjoy!

OK! OK! It’s time to paint. Just what you’ve been waiting for, right? I hope you didn’t think that you can just slap some paint on the stencil. There is more to it than that. There are a few things you need to know so that you don't end up with a mess. So check out these Stenciling Instructions to see just how to put paint to a stencil.

By now you should know how to stencil. But you want to take your painting to a higher level. You want your painting to look more natural, like it was put there with an artist’s brush. Well, here are some Stenciling Techniques for creating a hand painted effect (like the eyes on this elephant).

Hey, are you looking for some great ideas for your next stenciling project. Here’s a great place to explore the many ways of using decorative painting. See how stencils are used to design art for framing, redesign a piece of furniture, decorate a wall and enhance a T Shirt or Jeans. Click here for more on Decorating With Stencils.

If you are looking to Spray Paint Stencils, then this link will take you to the complete instructions with lots of illustrations. Using spray paint with stencils is not as easy as it seems. This article has many great hints and tips for a successful outcome to your project.

A Video of Stenciling Techniques

We’ve teamed up with a great site that can provide you with all the instructions and how to information for stenciling. It’s a place for you to enhance your skills and find great ideas. Check out

Now, here's the video I promised you:

If you're ready to move to the next level of stenciling, then read this article on How To Make A Stencil. It's exciting because you will discover how to make repeatable patterns of the pictures you love!

Well, if I have motivated and inspired you, my job is done. You can be an artist with stencils!

Happy Stenciling,