making a bottle cap skull cameo choker

The Fine Dressed Skeleton

I love to dress up and that’s why Halloween is soooo much fun! Here’s some lovely jewelry for this years costume!

Ever notice flatten thrown out bottle caps littering the side of the road? Did you ever image you could make some cool jewelry with them? Ok! I know you’re thinking I’m certifiable but just stay with me for another minute, OK? I didn’t get this bottle cap from the side of the road (got it from a neighborhood restaurant that has a little receptacle under the bottle opener on the wall) but I used a hammer to flatten it so it could just as well have come from the side of the road. OK! Are you with me?

Preparing the Bottle Cap for the Skull Cameo

OK! I have this flattened bottle cap which is just a circle of thin metal so I spray paint it black on both sides. While that’s drying I print an image of the lovely skull cameo in just the size that I can put it in the bottle cap circle.

When the paint is dry, I put the picture in the center of the circle and cover it with clear finger nail polish to “glue” it to the flattened bottle cap but also to give it a shiny covering.

By the way, if you’re new to this craft you can read all about Basic Jewelry Making! here!

When the clear fingernail polish is dry, I used jewelry glue to adhere a piece of black ball-chain around the outside edge of the bottle cap. It’s hard to see in the photo because everything is black but look for the small reflections of light all around the skull cameo and you’ll get the idea.

Making the Choker Necklace for the Bottle Cap Skull Cameo

Once you have the skull cameo done, it’s time to move onto the choker necklace. I folded up a small length of cheesecloth and measured it to fit around my neck tight enough so that the cameo will stand up but loose enough so that it would be comfortable to wear. By the way, cheesecloth is great for this and I use it frequently for necklace options because it’s so soft around the neck and on skin.

Fold the cheesecloth over several times at just about the same width of the cameo and then fold that in half to get the center mark. At the center mark of the cheesecloth, glue on the skull cameo bottle cap. I used a hot glue gun.

Attaching the Hook and Clasp

I secured each end with a ¾” claw clasp crimp (you can get these at any craft supply store or on-line). These guys are just a bent over piece of metal with claws on the inside. You have to wiggle the cheesecloth into the open end of the crimp and then using a small pair of pliers, shut the claw which will ensnare the cheesecloth. After that connect a ring and clasp to each crimp with jump rings.

That’s it! Easy which is what Making Halloween Jewelry should be. After all, you’re not going to wear it all the time just a few days out of the year.

Now, you’re gonna need the matching earrings, right? No problem! Go to Making Bottle Cap Skull Cameo Earrings!

Well, Happy Haunting!