making glitter swirl pumpkins

Halloween Goes 5th Avenue!

Here’s a fun and easy project for Halloween decorations and quite frankly will last you through fall! Then you can pack them away and pull them out next year and the year after that and…You get the idea!

Here’s a quick video on Making Glitter Swirl Pumpkins…

An Easy Way to Make Halloween Decorations

These cute and spunky little pumpkins can add an artistic note to any arrangement or just sparkle all alone! I added them with some pine cones and other fall like elements like golden leaves and evergreen boughs. But there is no limit as to how you can decorate with them. They would look good in a basket or tucked into a lush evergreen wreath. Endless opportunities!

This cute little idea is just to kick off your fall decoration so for more fun check out Holiday Crafts!

Glue, Glitter and Pumpkins...

This project uses some inexpensive dollar store finds: glue, glitter and plastic pumpkins. And it’s easy! All you need to do is to draw a few swirls on the pumpkin with glue and then sprinkle with glitter. That’s it!

Oh yeah! I like to add dots and maybe even make a larger circle when I get to the inside of the swirl. Let your creative juices flow!

Well, that’s the gist of it but of course there are many other ways you can further decorate your pumpkin. These are decorated with a copper colored glitter which I thought represented the changing of the leaves best but you have many other choices in colors. Besides the obvious silver and gold, you could try an orange or green or just a plain white to add a shine.

Also, I brushed glue on the entire stem and sprinkled glitter on that too. Which brings up another way to embellish a pumpkin…does yours have leaves at the stem? Well, if so, then you can add some touches to that too!

Pumpkins Galore

I found these cute little pumpkins at the Dollar Store but I noticed that there was a nice variety of decorative pumpkins at the craft stores too. Of course, the price was a little steeper so you decide what is going to work best in your decorations.

Pumpkins (even the plastic ones) come in all shapes, sizes and a huge variety of colors. Sure, orange is typical but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with that! The white ones are awesome because they show off any color of glitter you may want to use. Check out this one with black glitter swirls! Cool, right?

Also, notice that I poured glue around the top and let it flow down before I sprinkled glitter on it.

One more hint I can give you is to do the swirls and glitter in stages. Swirl and glitter one side or just a portion and let it dry well before doing another section. This helps cut down on the smudging of already worked areas.

Well, I truly hope you enjoy this project idea and give it a try! Come back often for more fun stuff!

Happy Crafting and Happy Haunting!


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