Paper Snowflakes

So Many Ways to Create With Paper Snowflakes!

Snowflakes are miracles of beauty, each one a masterpiece of design. From our earliest memories, we can remember being told that “no two snowflakes are the same.” As it melts, its form is lost forever - no record left behind of its beauty.

So is the same with paper snowflakes. Any small variation in cut renders a different design. Snowflakes have become an integral part of winter decorations. We can remember making them as children and hanging in the windows. But do you remember how to make them?

It’s fun to make paper snowflakes. And I’ll bet you’ll be surprised as to all the great Christmas snowflake crafts you can do with them.

Snowflakes designs are hexagonal in shape meaning that they are always six sided. I couldn't remember how to fold a piece of paper to create a six-sided snowflake. It was sad to think that the years which have gone by made me forget such a simple pleasure. So, I set out to rekindle my past and found a great deal of joy when I started to create some decorative winter snowflakes. And in the process I found that there are many other ways to decorate with snowflakes than hanging them in the window. Now I want to share with you the snowflake designs and decorative ideas that I discovered.

Snowflake Cut-Out Guide

Oh! Maybe you forgot how to make a fold for paper snowflakes too. Just scroll down because I've attached the Snowflake Cutout Guide I made for myself.

Here are a couple of paper snowflake patterns that I put together to get you started. They are simple but oh so beautiful. As you can see, one is the snowflake design and the other is to create a stencil of the same pattern. You can see how these two different patterns can be used at Make A Snowflake Christmas Card.

Halloween and Thanksgiving Crafts

These patterns are easy to use in so many ways for almost any Christmas Crafts you have in mind. To make cutout paper snowflakes, fold the paper along the dashed lines. With a craft knife cut along the solid lines. Unfold carefully and flatten. Now you have a snowflake cutout design.

Creating a stencil is the same easy procedure (fold and cut).

Don’t forget that you can put the designs on a copy machine and reduce or enlarge the size to fit your project area or have a variety of different sizes.

Here are a few ideas of what you can do with paper snowflakes and stencils -

The cutout designs are great for hanging in the window just like the old days. Don’t forget to use construction paper to make different colors. Make some small ones to hang as ornaments from the Christmas tree (use a hole-punch tool to make a round hole and tie up with a ribbon).

Halloween Crafting is Much More Than Pumpkins

If you want to add a touch of elegant flair to the age old paper snowflake, cutout a few different designs in a stiff white felt, sprinkle with a small amount of gold glitter and hang them from the dining room chandelier by a gold ribbon. Add a little gold garland or ribbon for some extra glitz (just like the ones in the picture at the top of this page).

Learn how to Use Snowflake Patterns to Create 3D decorations.

Create your own gifts and wrappings with simple paper snowflakes and other stencils. Read more about this at Christmas Craft Ideas.

I know you can put these paper snowflake designs to a hundred other uses. So use your imaginations and create!

Happy Winter, Merry Christmas and Happy Stenciling,


Here's that Snowflake Cutout Guide I promised you. Enjoy!