stencil word sayings

Say What's on Your Mind

Find out how you can stencil word sayings and images together to make art that is personal.

Try pairing some stencil art with stencil word sayings and inspiring images. I mean, we are talking about making our homes personal, right? And how better to do that than with words that mean something to us or describe how we see ourselves? You can put just one word on your print (like the one pictured below) or a famous saying.

Lately it's all about modicoms, icons and avatars. It's all about identifying ourselves with an image that we think reflects who we are.

Well, isn't there a word or saying that most inspires or motivates you. Maybe it's a phrase that brings out another emotion that is dear to you.

I want you to consider pairing the image and the words together to create your own art. Work up an image of the pair in your mind. Is it large and colorful like the painting of the wine bottle or is it small and inspirational that you would want to look at every morning before you start your day?

Stencil Some Inspiration

Try writing a collection of inspirational words and painting stencils on top of them (like the frog here).

Remember that when you use stencil word sayings, the words don't even have to be in your own language. See the painting below? The Chinese symbols are for Harmony, Friendship and Happiness. Aren't those the kinds of things we want in out lives and our homes?

You may be curious about what type of paper works best for painting stencil art prints. You want a paper that has a smooth finish to allow the stencil to lay flat on the surface so that the edges of the painting will be clean and crisp. Also, you want a matte finish that will readily accept paint. Make sure it is heavyweight and thick so that the wet paint won’t cause the paper to bubble and stretch.

Oriental Symbols Say It Artistically

The variety of craft stencils of images is almost unlimited. Whether you're into angels, horses, cats, dogs...or maybe you want a design style like Oriental, Retro, should have plenty to choose from.

Pairing stencil word sayings and images can open up to you many ways to create Stencil Art Prints for framing and decorating. For example, learn how to use themes by combining similar images with these Stenciling Ideas.

(See below for these options and more about Stenciling Art!)

Peace Love and Joy!

I hope that now you have some great ideas about how you can decorate with stencil word sayings and images. You are only limited by your own imagination (and I know there is no limit there). You can choose the size, colors, theme, framing…Let’s face it – you are in charge. So, go get ‘em!

Happy Stenciling,


Before you go, I want to share with you one of my favorite stencil word sayings. It's a Free Printable Stencil for you to print and use. Enjoy!