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Bring Life Back to an Old Sea Trunk With Stencils

Looking for stenciling ideas? See how an old sea trunk is transformed with stencils.

I have to confess that this whole web site is inspired by this one page. More than anything, I wanted a place to share ideas about Decorating With Stencils. I love taking a piece of furniture or something that someone else is ready to throw on the trash heap and make it into a focal point or conversation piece of the room. I especially think it’s funny when I have to point out to them the item they discarded and sadly inform them that they cannot have it back.

This month’s furniture painting stencil project starts with a weathered old sea trunk that someone way back when decided to use a pickling paint technique to decorate. Our object is to bring back some of the character of the piece with a little decorative painting.

Recreate Old Luggage Labels With Stencils

Before any stenciling could be done, the background had to be set. The strapping, corners, all the metal clasps and locks were painted black like it was originally. Those areas were carefully taped up with painter’s tape and the rest was spray painted a light tan color. When the spray paint dried, a sponge was used to dab a thick layer of light brown acrylic paint into each square taped off. While the paint was still very wet, a comb was used to run through it horizontally and then vertically. This created the appearance of a cloth covering like burlap, which was traditionally used to cover old sea trunks.

Now, for the stencils!
One of the stencil designs from the Vintage Luggage Labels Category was painted in each squared off section. Of course, this was not an easy task because there are 15 different Vintage Luggage Label Stencils, but the effort was well worth it. Here is the finished project.

The Well Traveled Stencil

For the Old Fashioned Luggage Labels and Travel Posters Book of Stencils, just scroll down.

You can use a unique trunk like this one as an end table or even a coffee table while decorating your home. It looks great with these old suitcases and the bowler hat.

These old sea trunks can be found in Thrift Stores, Flea Markets and even on the curbside on trash day. If you run across one, now you’ll know just what to do with it.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s stenciling idea project and if you decide to try it out please send me some photos. I would love to see them and share with all the other readers.

There are more furniture stenciling ideas and projects for you to keep busy. On one old dresser I painted a tropical forest scene and then added some Frog Stencils. I created a beautiful side board from an old dresser with wine and Grape Stencils. (See the options below for Stenciling Furniture! Great Ideas! Enjoy!)

By the way, if you are looking for how to information on stenciling, you’ll find everything you need to know at our How To Stencil page. (Click here for a Great Video!)

Above is a close up of one of the stencils used for this project.

Thank you so much and keep stenciling!

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