themes in stencil art

Stenciling Ideas: Capturing Themes

Think about this…Stenciling ideas for creating art prints that will carry on the theme to any room.

Use these stenciling ideas to custom design frame-able art for your home.

Whether we intended to or not our homes have been decorated with styles and themes. I know you may be laughing but think about it. No matter what your house looks like, it's filled with the things you like and as a collection those things create styles and themes.

Now, try to pick out the reigning image and recognize that as your theme. It doesn't have to be a picture of something tangible. It can be a pattern or inspirational words or even just a color. Start with that one thing and start to plan some artwork.

Themes can be a very complex image like architectural plans or very simple like dots.

Now that you've got that picture in your mind, search for stencil designs and patterns that are either of that image or a compliment to that image. I bet you can even find a variety of stencils meeting your needs and that's great.

A Stencil to Match Every Art Preference

Who is a better authority on art for your home besides you? So, you see painting stencils in frame-able artwork is your best bet for pleasing your theme palette.

For a list of E-Books containing collections of like stencils click on Printable Stencils.

Children’s themes are very popular and you can find a large variety of options. For the little ones, many, many themes have already been created for you so it's just a matter of choosing one.

But you can also find many other room themes like for kitchens (such as food, fruit, wine, coffee or dish ware) or regional themes like Tuscany and Parisian. You can also consider styles like Art Nouveau, Classical, Oriental, Country, Western, Tropical … When it comes to choosing stencil art your options seem to be unlimited.

Notice the prints above the armoire in the picture above. They are taken from the images painted on the cabinet door. This is a great way to carry out a theme in a room. If you’ve used stencils to embellish a piece of furniture, pillows or some other accent in the room, consider hanging some matching prints on the wall. These have a solid pale yellow background to make the images stand out and also to coordinate with the rooms color palette.

Search the internet for Free Stencils!

Is your favorite theme a phrase or word? Read more on this stenciling idea that all about combining images with Stencil Word Sayings.

One of the best benefits of creating hanging stencil wall art to frame instead of painting the stencils on the wall is that you can always change the print. For instance, as a child grows up you can just put another picture in the frame instead of painting the walls.

For this type of decorative painting, you want a paper that has a smooth finish to allow the stencil to lay flat on the surface so that the edges of the painting will be clean and crisp. Also, you want a matte finish that will readily accept paint. Make sure it is heavyweight and thick so that the wet paint won’t cause the paper to bubble and stretch.

Check out the next episode on stenciling ideas for some tips on Combining Stencil Designs for Art Prints.

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