using color in stencil art

Art Made for You, By You!

Creating your own stencil art is wonderful because you can use the colors and images that best match your moods and decor.

One of the best parts of creating your own stencil art is that you can choose whatever colors you want. You can use colors from the current décor or you can just reach right into your imagination and pull out whatever pleases you (and then maybe you’ll end up changing everything else in the room). Decorating With Stencils is a great way to truly add personalized art to your room.

Go Bold with Color

The stencil designs here were just screaming out for bold colors and I caved in. Of course, it wasn’t a stretch because I like being bold with colors. However, the point is that since you are creating your own art, be yourself. Have a good time!

The definition of a stencil is “a template used to produce identical shapes every time it is used.” How boring is that? But by creatively painting stencils with appealing colors we add excitement. And we add a little of our own personalities. Remember when we were kids, one of the first questions we asked one another was, “what is your favorite color?” Well, that’s just it. By putting the colors that appeal most to us in our decorative painting art, we make it personal.

Go Mild or Go Wild...With Color!

Compare the two photos on this page. Both are Oriental Designs but the color schemes could not be any more different. The one on top uses bright and vibrant colors while these stencil art prints are completed with earth tones with a very soothing effect.

Look around you right now. You are surrounded by things that you brought into your space. And you did that for some good reasons. One may have been that you liked the color. So, transfer that knowledge to the art you are going to create.

This page represents two very different sets of stencil art prints but from the same design style (Oriental). They are set apart by color choices, but you also want to have matching prints share a theme. You can read more about this at Stenciling Ideas.

It’s really quite simple. Stencil patterns give us a nudge in the sense that they help us put an image on a piece of paper, but they still allow us to be creative. They allow us to add whatever colors we want. You are creative and you have a good eye for what’s pleasing. That’s all you need. So, go forth and create some great art!

Join in for an exploration of adding Stencil Word Sayings to wall art. It’ll be great fun!

Happy Stenciling,