using snowflake patterns to create

A New Spin on an Old Idea

Using Snowflake Patterns to Create a 3-D Centerpiece!

You don’t have to deck the halls. It’s the simple things that make your home feel warm and inviting. What could be simpler than snowflake patterns? I want to show you how many different ways you can decorate with them. This edition is about making 3-D snowflakes.

There are so many ways to decorate with 3-D snowflakes. My favorite is to arrange three different size gold snowflakes as the centerpiece of the dining table. It’s simple and yet so elegant.

Another way to decorate with 3-D snowflakes is to make several and hang them in an arrangement from the ceiling, a chandelier, in a doorway…

Free Printable Snowflake Fold and Cutout Guide

Here’s how you can make a 3-D snowflake.

I like to use stiff felt that I can find at the local craft supply store and of course I use white. You may be able to find a stiff felt that already has a glitter effect but if not, you can either use a spray glitter or spray glue and glitter sprinkles. Cut out a snowflake pattern in paper and then trace the design onto the stiff felt in two places. Cut out both snowflakes from the felt with a craft knife. Now on each of the snowflakes make one cut straight into the center from one of the closest points to the center. Slide the snowflakes together through the cuts to center. You may need to make two very close cuts along the one you made into the center if your snowflake does not open into four directions easily.

If you are using spray glitter or any other means of decorating your snowflakes, do that before you assemble the two pieces.

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Snowflakes Don't Have to be White

So, you can’t find stiff felt. That’s OK. You can cut the snowflake patterns out of regular felt (or any fabric for that matter). To make the fabric stiff so that it will stand up treat it with a fabric stiffening solution or regular school glue. Just lay the fabric flat and brush on the solution. It may take some time for the stiffener or glue to dry, so be patient. Also, you can iron the fabric with a heavy starch. Experiment with these solutions on some scrap fabric until you find the one that works for you.

I hope you have some fun with these snowflake pattern ideas and get really creative. For example, if you can make any fabric stiff (according to the hint above) then why not use a tartan fabric or a toile? Using a fabric that will be a good match to your normal décor can help blend your Christmas decorations with the permanent residents of your home. Check out these two snowflakes in red and green!

By the way, these 3-D snowflake pattern decorations breakdown and store easily for years to come.

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Well, I hope you create some great 3-D snowflake patterns.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Stenciling!